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Our Founder's Story

CHARP Education Consulting, rooted in a profound commitment to education and societal advancement, took its initial steps in 2014. The founder, leveraging over a decade of experience as a classroom teacher, established the company to provide primarily family and community engagement workshops. However, a pivotal moment in 2016, marked by discord following the presidential results, inspired a shift in focus. The founder aspired to occupy a position that could foster unity amid differences.

Notably, the name "CHARP" was chosen deliberately, serving as a tribute to the founder's grandparents. "Sharp" was a word frequently used by her grandfather, a significant influence in her life. The choice of the name was a heartfelt acknowledgment of her grandfather's legacy.

In our ongoing pursuit, we have cultivated expertise that champions equity and promotes diversity across various educational institutions, government agencies, legal firms, and private and public organizations.

Observing that we are fulfilling the mission we set out to achieve at our inception is particularly gratifying. We are eager to collaborate with you, working towards more proactive outcomes in shaping policies that contribute to a world characterized by justice and equity for all.

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