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Our team establishes cross-sectoral partnerships to expand opportunities for individuals who are historically marginalized. We do this by helping them to achieve their personal and economic goals by offering two-generational programming for both parents and children in these areas:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Parents as Teachers

  • Parental Advocacy & Leadership

  • Personal Development & Growth


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We work collaboratively with educators to help shape the leaders of tomorrow by ensuring that social justice and culturally responsive pedagogy are embedded in their daily instruction. We also assist educators to examine and identify the impact of racism, and implicit biases have both on themselves and their students.


We deepen the educators’ understanding of the dynamics of oppression and equip them with the tools to create positive and inclusive classrooms through our interactive workshops. We create communities of conscience to allow students to have the autonomy to challenge the injustices of the world.


We encourage teachers to not use a cookie cutter approach through building their multicultural competencies to address the diverse needs of their students.



Ultimately, it is the crucial responsibility of higher education institutions to prepare the workforce of tomorrow. So, this is why we help them recognize the social, academic, and societal benefits of diversity. We consult with their administrative staff on future planning and programming. Furthermore, we ensure that the students are exposed to enriching learning environments that foster a climate of inclusivity, value diverse perspectives, and promote critical thinking. Through our work, we help build confidence for their students to become diversity champions that challenge and change the policies and practices of the status quo.


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