Our Founder's Story

In 2014, after spending over a decade as a classroom teacher, the founder of CHARPED consulting firm launched her company to cater for family and community engagement workshops. However, she realized this was only a part of her vision; then, she decided to expand the company's focus to enact closure to the disparity in equity, diversity, and inclusion [D&I] after seeing dissension in the country. Our founder decided to embark on this journey to proffer solutions to the challenge, knowing fully well it was time to "honor her calling."

In our quest so far, we have been able to build capacity that promotes equity and support diversity in many Institutions, Government-owned organizations, Legal firms, and other private and public agencies. It's extremely rewarding to know that we're able to fulfill the mission we started the company for, and we are willing to partner with you for more proactive results in shaping policies and ultimately advocating for the voiceless at the federal level.


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