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Helping Educators Be on the Right Side of History Virtual Summit

APRIL 24-25



The Speakers


Male Lecturer


APR 23 - APR 25, 2021

April 23

  • Meet & Greet (Summit Attendee)

April 24

  • Keynote Speaker (General Attendee & Summit Attendee)

  • Skill Development Sessions (Summit Attendee)

  • Poster Presentations (General Attendee & Summit Attendee)

  • Logic Model (Summit Attendee)

April 25

  • Project Presentation (General Attendee & Summit Attendee)

  • Gallery Walk (General Attendee & Summit Attendee) 

  • Closing Speaker (General Attendee & Summit Attendee)

Professor & Students

It's Time to Be on the Right Side of History!

Join CHARPED’s Powered by Teach to Lead Summit: Helping Educators Be on the Right Side of History. 

Why Attend this Summit?

With the passage of time more and more teachers, administrators, schools are questioning, “How we can listen to and support students, teachers and communities of color who have been systemically silenced or have been kept quiet for too long?” 

It’s time to Stop. This. Practice.

Who can Attend? 

This free summit is open to everyone. The two-day regional convening will bring teachers, administrators, and students together to help spotlight and advance the teacher-lead work that is currently happening in this country. This summit invites teachers, administrators, students, and parents alike that are committed to dismantling racist policies and practices in their institutions.


Summit is scheduled April 24 – 25, 2021


This is a virtual summit that will be held online, and you can join from anywhere in the world.


You will be given an online link to connect to the summit.

This summit seeks to do the following:

  • Increase pathways and opportunities for teachers to exercise leadership while remaining in the classroom

  • Elevate teacher voice to inform and develop policy and practice at the school-level and beyond

  • Expand existing efforts and create models to steer systemic improvements to benefit student learning

  • Convene a diverse group of educators who can lend a variety of experiences and perspectives to the Summit

  • Equip educators with the tools to create diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming learning environments for their students 

About CHARPED and Teach to Lead

This past summer, CHARP EDucation Consulting became a supporting organization for Teach to Lead. CHARPED's founder has been actively involved in this initiative since its inception. First as a participant, then as a scorer, critical friend, and presenter for the other summits. CHARPED provides customized training for educational institutions, nonprofits, and governmental agencies in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In March 2014, the U.S. Department of Education launched Teach to Lead. Today, in collaboration with Teach Plus and Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), this initiative has equipped teacher leaders from throughout this country with the skills to create systemic and substantial changes in their schools, districts, and communities. ​


Powered by Summits, expand the Teach to Lead structure to Supporting Organizations interested in hosting their own personalized events. Hosts commit to honoring the vision and mission of Teach to Lead in their events. #PoweredByTTL #TTLSummit #TTLNetwork

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